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product overview

Our Product

BULLINGER produces massive, solid elements manufactured with face bonded lumber. These Floor/Ceiling Elements are used as both load bearing and non load bearing components in walls, ceilings and roofs.

Product description


Nordic spruce


BS 11 (GL 24)


mechanical strength grading as per DIN 4074 and EN 338


40 mm standard, (30-42 mm)*


10 +/- 2%


melamine resin (clear glue line), on request resorcinol resin possible


visual or non-visual surface; for each order  the top and bottom surface quality needs to be specified.


a list of sizes can be found under "Dimensions/Profiles"

Your benefit


cozy and comfortable room climate  due to self-regulative properties of wood in terms of air humidity


high insulation property as well as excellent fire protection without any additional coating or planking


cost savings in transportation and construction in comparison to heavier building materials


visual applications possible with no additional finishing necessary


ideal dimensions for maximizing transport volumes


load bearing immediately after construction


cut-outs can be performed quickly


high degree of prefabrication in the mill allows for a shorter construction time


can be utilized for any building style or plan


applications in conventional house building as well as classic timber frame construction


BULLINGER Floor/Ceiling elements offer the possibility to have a floor and ceiling as one!
A natural renewable resource like wood is free of any health hazards and together with a low moisture content can be benefitial to the health of you and your family.
Natural wooden flooring is visually appealing and when treated with the proper finish is soil resistant and easy to clean.

You can design your visual ceiling with various types of eco-friendly varnishes, (scumbles) or paint. Another option is to use finery or wall paper:

Remember - use wood for the health of your family!


Wood performs well in terms of environmental matters. Its CO2 accumulating capacity is well known and in comparison to other construction materials has a much lower energy consumption level during manufacturing and construction.


We realize the responsibility we have towards our customers to produce a structurally sound and strong product. Our glue laminated beams are made in accordance with the following:  DIN standards (DIN 4074, 1052, 68140), EU standards (EN 338, 386, 387, 390, 391, 1194), the A Adhesive Certificate (major adhesive authorization) issued and subject to monitoring by the MPA Stuttgart (Institute for Research and Material Testing).