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product overview

Our Product

Build with GLW

The warm look of glue laminated wood creates a cozy atmosphere at home and with no chemical wood preservatives used is a healthy choice. Building with glue laminated wood adds to the healthy home environment  by allowing enough space to be had for all creative fantasy. In combination with other building materials, such as glass, stone and steel, one can create the design of their dreams. Thanks to a wide selection of pollutant-free waxes, glazes and paints, a traditional, natural, elegant or modern atmosphere can be created.

No limits are put on your creativity !

Product description


Nordic spruce


BS 11(GL 24), if requested also BS 14 (GL 28), BS 16 (GL 32), BS 18 (GL 36)*


mechanical strength grading as per DIN 4074 and EN 338


40 mm Standard, (30-42mm*)


10 +/- 2%


melamine resin (light glue line), on request resorcinol resin possible


planed on 4 sides, eased edges


plastic wrapped packages, individual pieces shrink wrapped possible

*for specific cross-sections

Our product - your benefit


standardized components:

clearly defined in terms of strength, wood moisture, glueing...


visual characteristics:

bare, planed surfaces of Nordic spruce


form stability:

multi-layer glueing reduces cracking and warping


dimensional variety:

numerous variations possible in thickness, width and length


great variety of qualities:

the right component for every field of application


plastic wrap:

to protect your components from rain and dirt


environmental compatibility:

low emissions, melamine resin glueing


fire resistant:

provides greater fire protection, requirements (>=F30)



our large warehouses and distribution systems ensure short delivery times


We realize the responsibility we have towards our customers to produce a structurally sound and strong product. Our glue laminated beams are made in accordance with the following:  DIN standards (DIN 4074, 1052, 68140), EU standards (EN 338, 386, 387, 390, 391, 1194), the A Adhesive Certificate (major adhesive authorization) issued and subject to monitoring by the MPA Stuttgart (Institute for Research and Material Testing). 

Quality management

  • our raw material is sourced from the best growing areas
  • careful and gentle drying down to the moisture necessary for installation
  • mechanical stress grading
  • surface grading using the most up-to-date scanning method
  • continuous monitoring in the company's own laboratory
  • outside monitoring by the FMPA Stuttgart; JAS monitoring by the NTI
  • a bar code product sticker identifies the product
  • constant instruction and ongoing training of our personnel

Transportation and installation

Only experienced firms should transport and install BULLINGER glue laminated wood. A number of points should be taken to heart to ensure the continued attractiveness and quality of the product even after transportation, intermediate storage and installation:

  • adequate edge protection and proper storage to prevent weathering and damage
  • bracing shall be provided to assure lateral support even under construction
  • when lifting, it is preferable to use webbing slings seizing the entire length of the product
  • precise alignment of the GLW components and subsequent bracing until the roofing bond or plate has been fitted
  • alignment of the overall structure at the end
  • corrosion protection at the intersecting points of steel and wood