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product overview

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a visually sorted, kiln dried and surfaced solid structural timber. It is used for both visual and non-visual applications in modern wood construction and frameworking. This solid, finger jointed construction lumber (KVH) is made from Spruce, White Fir, Larch and Douglas Fir. KVH is used for projects that demand higher than normal standards and require specific design values. KVH is produced from precisely sized, stable raw material. BULLINGER's finger-jointing line allows production of different lengths in order to satisfy different customer requirements (see service performance). With today's modern construction methods, there is a greater emphasis on high quality wood usage. This is similar to former times when unseasoned (green) lumber was produced to high quality standards. KVH is a standardized commodity in today's market (see physical properties).

Due to the ideal moisture content of the wood, it is not necessary to pressure treat (chemically impregnate) the product. Provided that the product is handled and used for the appropriate application, then a healthy living environment and longer lifetime of the house is guaranteed. Douglas Fir and Larch should be used for any outdoor application where durability is required.

Product description


Spruce/White Fir or Larch/Douglas Fir

grading classes:

DIN 4074 S 10


for non-visual applications
BULLINGER construction lumber (KVH): eased edges, split heart center, accurate size; in accordance with DIN EN 336
for visual applications
BULLINGER construction lumber (KVH): eased edges, split heart center , undersize to be defined; in accordance with DIN EN 336

moisture content:

15% +/- 3


polyurethane (PUR) glue or melamine resin, in accordance with DIN 68140 and 68141, DIN EN 385


plastic wrapped on 5 sides


individual labelling of pieces upon request


BULLINGER's construction lumber is available in 2 qualities:
- SI / for visual applications (undersize is acceptable)
- NSI / for non-visual construction. KVH is produced to standard dimensions found in modern timber construction.
width: 60 - 140 mm
depth: 80 - 240 mm
For larger cross sections it is advisable to use DUO-/TRIO beams or glulams.

Typical applications for KVH®:

skeleton construction in walls and ceilings

in roof structures, also as columns

visual and non-visual applications in ceilings and rafters

any other construction methods requiring timber (e.g. pergola, exhibitions)